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Get ready for some serious thrust, baby…because I’m sick of people who think simply posting ideas on the Internet makes said ideas worth posting on the Internet. And as far as I can tell in my quasi-drunken noncommittal surfings of this vast thing we call the Internet, atheists are one of the most boring, insipid […]

the cure for Christmas: Asshole Day.

Posted: 24th December 2011 by traumaturgist in culture

I’ll join the chrorus: I hate Christmas.  Christmas sucks. Main reason why?  No – it isn’t fighting the urge to run down people who stand in parking spaces at busy malls to reserve them for their friends and family members.  It isn’t waiting in traffic, waiting in lines, rushing to stores to grab that last […]

Anyone who has even skimmed this blog can easily discern my views on multiculturalism and immigration in Canada from my reply to Erik Abild.  Anyone who can read will see the sort of nuanced discussion I’d like to see take place on these issues.  How strange(?), then, that the CBC should persistently ignore my attempts […]

the Internet and the Culture of “knowledge”

Posted: 1st August 2011 by traumaturgist in culture
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So lest you lurkers (and I know you’re out there) think that all I do is point out peoples’ idiocy and generally shit on everything, I thought I’d permalink to a very interesting article by Chris Colin on Wired called “Rate This Article: What’s Wrong with the Culture of Critique.”  Since I already commented on […]