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Traumaturgist – a paradoxically inescapable yet endangered species (some might think “self-indulgent twit” – I agree with the first part).  Feeding habits revolve around rational argument, reading literature that actually makes your brain work and the intrepid hunting and killing of “Oprah Winfreyism” everywhere – smarmy, feel-good platitudes that regurgitate stupid pop-cultural norms and go nowhere.

If you’ve read any of this blog before coming here you might have guessed by now that I’m a graduate student.  And you’d be right!  Hence my early polemics about undergraduate students suffering from overentitlement syndrome.  So yes, a grad student who long ago tipped the balance away from TV and toward reading…for better or worse.

You might also have guessed that as a graduate student I find the university environment very, very boring.  Not the work I do, and not (most of) the professors I’ve encountered – but accumulated evidence strongly suggests that your average graduate student has the personality of a stick, and since we’re all so embroiled in this miasma of competition (the university loves to “foster community” under the dubious pretense of competing for scholarships and prizes) that interacting with each other is like staring into this mirror-triptych of infinitely receding personae.

(As you might also have noticed: oh yeah, do I ever get the chicks….)

Likes: the ocean (large bodies of water of any kind), puppies, checking my ontic in the presence of a qualified metaphysician or in the privacy of my home, kittens, the occasional lolcat, reading, writing, travelling, sharpening the knife of wit on the many rocks strewn about the Internet (to wit: the rocks in peoples’ heads,  the fossilized turds of an idiotic public opinion…you get the idea).  More playful sardonicism/sarcasm to be inserted later..

Dislikes: insipid popular culture, any manifestation of political correctness, Charlton Heston (thank God he’s fucking dead), Bill O’Reilly, Oprah Winfrey and their minions, Fox News…well, really, the content of the whole site answers this question, doesn’t it?