why i hate Lori Grimes.

Posted: 30th November 2011 by traumaturgist in culture
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So here we digress into the banal world of soap-opera opinionation and TV-show rants!

The Walking Dead. If you came here through a Google search I’m sure you’ve seen it. It’s quite good in many respects – it offers a lot of fictional dimensionality that, well, let’s face it – the vast, vast majority of zombie fiction lacks (why does everyone assume zombie fiction is a garbage dump for all sorts of stupid plotlines and really shitty writing?). As a zombie freak I must admit – I watch it whenever I can, and despite what I’m about to say I do quite like the show. I almost decided to buy the Special Edition on DVD, but Season 2 made me a bit ambivalent about that – Season 1 was great, but for me the character writing in Season 2 took a bit of a dive (in some episodes why are the women written like bimbos who insist on abdicating responsibility for their actions and blaming the men?).

But enough preamble….let’s get to the point. I won’t be a purist and talk about the disappointing lack of realistic effects in The Walking Dead – I mean the complete lack of recoil on the toy weapons and the lousy editing with regard to so many of the walker deaths – I mean, Sophia (Madison Lintz) doesn’t even get pushed back by the bullet that kills her at the end of Season 2?1 The real point here happens to be the character I hate the most in The Walking Dead – and that, my friends, is Lori Grimes. Oh, you demand reasons why I think she should be punched in the face repeatedly until she’s crying like a little girl and then thrown to the walkers? Well, here they are:

  1. As the self-professed Princess of the Zombie Apocalypse – and like every other stupid “concerned parent” I’ve seen in real life – she seems to think she has every right to treat Shane like shit and push him away when she finds out her husband is alive…more or less for the sake of her whiny kid, who’s picking up all the bitchiness from his mama. Ohohoh, but that doesn’t stop her from yelling at Shane when he isn’t the surrogate father to Carl that she happens to want him to be…well, whenever she feels like it. Example: when Carl finds those tools and knives in one of the cars at the beginning of Season 2 (I’m paraphrasing because I can’t be bothered to quote verbatim dialogue for something so inane):
    Carl: “hey, mom, look what I found…can I keep one?”
    Lori: “what, are you CRAZY?”
    Carl (to Shane): can I keep one?
    Shane: “you go and take those to your father NOW!”
    Lori: “what’s your problem? What you said to Carl devastated him!”
    Never mind his mother just screamed at him that he’s crazy…
  2. Same episode: they arrive at the highway with cars filled with all sorts of potentially essential supplies; T-Dog suggests they siphon gas and the group goes about collecting supplies; Lori’s oh-so-intelligent comment? “This is a graveyard…I don’t know how I feel about this.” HEY EVERYONE…let’s all STOP being practical because the Princess doesn’t know how she feels….

And while I do understand her rationale thinking Rick was dead in her, umm, extracurricular activities with Shane, really…to be in such denial by the end of Season 2 that the child could be his instead of Rick’s? Stupid cow, have you learned nothing? She needs a good slap upside the head to remind her that the world she knew was gone. Period. Please, god, let her be the redshirt2 in the next season…

Ahh….talking about completely irrelevant bullshit can indeed be liberating!


  1. And with all that experience you’d think the group can get a few more headshots and not aim for the shoulders so often? Oops…guess I am a bit of a purist…sorry.
  2. Really? Do I have to explain this reference? Watch the oldschool Star Trek and you’ll see what I mean: the redshirt is the security person whose only purpose is to die.
  1. Imoghean says:

    i completely agree with you!
    i cant stand her! especially because she had an affaire with the best friend of her man who has just died a few days ago, she leaves carl to have sex with shane but she also says that carl needs to be close to her at all times but then again she lets carl wander around the highway alone? and yelling at rick for keeping a secret that they may have to leave while she was pregnant and did not tell him she wanted a abortion and even took pills for it? while i watched the show i was costanly hoping she would get bitten. and im not done yet:) she yells at Hershel because he is a vet? OMG he is the only thing close to a doctor and she is picky?
    and the way she treats shane… shane saved her and carls lives and after rick comes back who hasn’t to be honest done anything to provide them safety she treats him like shit and pretents its his fault he and she had an affaire? i dont get that.she must be really stupid or delusional. after all shane did i still like him more than lori.
    and she is useless, from carole i understand why she’s useless, she lost her daughter husband and got beaten up her whole life. but lori has no excuse for being uncapable to do anything. allright well thats pretty much all i could think of why i hate lori:) sorry for my bad english 🙂

  2. traumaturgist says:

    Imoghean: I’m glad someone else besides me can rant about the character development in The Walking Dead and not ask stupid questions like a bunch of videogamers, like “why don’t they make silencers?” or “why don’t they just drive the tank out of the city?” 🙂

    I pretty much totally agree. I mean, ok…I can understand why she could think that Rick was dead under the circumstances…but that’s no excuse for the way she acts through the rest of the show. And as for Shane…yeah he’s a bit unstable and a bit of an asshole, but he is the most practical and survival-minded of all of them!

    lol…I totally see your point re: Hershel: maybe he should have given Lori a knife, fork and spoon and told her to do her own operation!

    And while we’re ranting about The Walking Dead…will someone please explain why Rick has no problems giving the black guy (can’t remember his name) and his son Duane a gun to use BUT he won’t teach his own son to shoot and defend himself until near the end of Season 2?

    Yes, although Sarah Wayne Callies plays her really well, Lori is pretty useless – but I guess she cuts some mean vegetables so they keep her around 😀

  3. Branda Depp says:


    I really hate this character. like you said, “self-professed Princess of the Zombie Apocalypse” she thinks she is the most rational on all camp, she complains about EVERYTHING!!! and why did she got agry about rick killing shane, after rick CLEARLY explained that shane was about to kill him?!!
    I mean, seriously?!
    also, when rick and shane finally talk (on the episode when they are going to let the guy with the broken leg) shane was alrready “stoping his horses” but noooooooooo! the little miss stupid goes and tell him that the baby could be his!!! what the hell is wrong with that bitch?

    i remember the time when she was talking to Andrea and told her “we provide estability” fuck you lori! you provide shit!

    if we think about it, she has the fault of Dale´s death, she has to stop being such a useless whining slut, and watch her son, so he don´t walk arround the camp insulting or stealing others guns!

    And her best and only excuse for being a slut “i thought you were death, thats why i screw your best friend all this time”

    i hope the girl with the chained zombies cut lori´s arms and throw her to the zombies! XP

  4. Pearcie says:

    Hi all. I found this site after finishing season 2 and being so pissed off with Lori’s bullshit that i just had to google her and see if others felt the same way. I love the show (in spite of it’s failings) but the one thing i can’t stand is Lori. She is such a self righteous bitch!! Everything said here I agree with, but what surprises me is that no one mentioned the time she decided to “go after Rick” when he and Glen went to find Hershel at the bar. What the f*ck made her think this was necessary?! Rick and Glen took a car to go to town to pick up Hershel (who was in the bar drinking to soothe his soul – fair call) when they’d been gone all of half an hour Lori decides it’s time for her to go and get them. I fail to see why she would think she could do anything to help her husband (a sheriff or deputy, or whatever the hell he is) when she has no idea about ANYTHING! Then, not to anyone’s surprise, she gets (let’s say a mile away from home – because who knows how far she got) and spaces out and rolls the freaking car! F*ck me! It feels like the writers were thinking “everyone hates Lori, let’s see if we can make them despise her even more!” because that was just the stupidist move in the whole series (and there’s been a few stupid moves – most others, however, have at least had some sliver of realism to them). I realise it’s probably silly to get so fired up about a TV character but I can’t help it. I love this show and Lori almost ruins it for me. Glad to see others feel the same way. Hands up if Darryl is your favourite character. What a champion! (it helps that he was an Irish legend in Boondock Saints – watch it if you haven’t yet, it’s awesome). I vote for Lori to get brutally f*cked up in season 3. Please comment on creative ways this could happen.

  5. shanehater says:

    I hate her for the mere fact that she slept with Shane…they both can rot in hell. Slut.

  6. traumaturgist says:

    So many comments! Who knew Lori Grimes could provoke so much hatred? (ok, I did!)

    I’ll post another entry replying to some of them. But when Pearcie says ” I realise it’s probably silly to get so fired up about a TV character but I can’t help it. I love this show and Lori almost ruins it for me. Glad to see others feel the same way” I can’t help but agree – me, I’m in a dank little corner writing a dissertation so I don’t have time for anything apart from watching WD reruns and anything else I can get my hands on! At the same time, all I can do sometimes is sorta riff on some of the episode moments….speaking of which……[stay tuned]

  7. walkerbait says:

    Well, I despise her too. She’s just pissy. Plus her reaction to Rick at the end of the season was appalling, especially since a few episodes back she was suggesting to him that they needed to be rid of Shane! Like, really rid of Shane. I was annoyed to that Rick didn’t make it clearer to the group that it was do or die when it came to killing Shane. It was a bummer that he had to soften up Shane as a trick before killing him, but it was only a matter of time (maybe minutes) before Shane would kill him. He should have been much clearer about that when he told the group. Weird too that Shane wasn’t well-liked for good reasons and suddenly it’s ‘poor Shane’. At least that’s what’s implied.
    I do get sick of people bitching about what’s wrong with the show. I would just say that Carol’s a burden on viewers as well as on Daryl. T-Dog, duh, is not given enough to do. And Carl really creeped me out on the second last episode, which I didn’t like.
    The comic goes for broke and in my opinion is too comic-y- that is, unsophisticated characterization and storylines, no nuance. The show is better with that, better in general, dark but more watchable as it is than if they stayed exactly with the books. I was happy that weren’t following the books that closely (except why not have Tyreese as a character on the show?)- I mean in the books Daryl doesn’t even exist and Dale and Andrea were humping. Gross. There were plenty of things I was glad they changed for the show, but I am curious about what they’ll do now that the plotline is said to be converging more with the books next season.
    Anyway- Long Live Daryl!!!!

  8. Zach says:

    Fuck Lori. I can’t stand to watch anymore episodes because I hate her so much. “My husband’s been dead for less than a week… I know! I’ll fuck his best friend ’cause he told me he’s dead! Nevermind the fact that he’s had a hard-on for me since high school…… He couldn’t POSSIBLY be lying! It wouldn’t AT ALL be insulting to my possibly-late husband’s memory to fuck his best friend in the woods and throw our wedding ring away like a filthy used condom–speaking of CONDOMS, who needs em? I’ll just have a bastard child LOL!” Hate that whore. If I was Rick I’d have fed that bitch and the bastard child to some walkers.

  9. Lynisal says:

    I really hate Lori and I am glad that I am not the only one! I think it also has to do with the actor that plays her

  10. traumaturgist says:

    So I’m thinking we need a new patent….LoriRage(tm) 😀

    As to some of the comments here about the actress (Sarah Wayne Callies if I’m remembering right): personally, I think she does a great job of playing a Zombie Apocalypse Princess. Who knows? Maybe she’s supposed to be a total bitch and something’s gonna happen next season to make it all clear to us why…at any rate, commentary on Lori next season definitely won’t be boring……



    BITCH! lol

  11. Doa says:

    i just hate her because she’s always annoying and boring me to death and to say it plain and simple, i don’t like her face.
    Andrea on the other hand is the one i love 🙂

  12. Harris says:

    Like most of you I too got here checking out on Google if others felt the same way about Lori.Glad to see I’m in a club. Lori is a manipulative little bitch. I had the peak of hatred when she throws disapproval at Rick for eliminating Shane when she is the one who literally asked him to do it ! And the kid’s very annoying too, he’s got his mama’s awful traits. I feel bad though thinking about Sarah Tancredi and how good a character she was in Prison Break and how I used to like Sara Wayne for portraying that character. But now I can’t ever be Sara Wayne’s fan.
    (Truth be told, she is a terrific actor, well it does take great acting to bring in this much hatred !)
    This is my first ever zombie movie/tv show and I now know it’s not just puerile and full of shit. The very idea of a post apocalyptic world is so thrilling.
    In Walking Dead I do feel that romance between Maggie and Glen is the best part. It is so genuine and pure. Lauren Cohan is the best actress I’ve seen off late. I can’t get enough of Maggie’s dialogues. I play them back again and again just to enjoy her majestic accent.

  13. Mike says:

    I hate that bitch, puts herself on some pedestal when she the most useless character on the show besides her” daughter” Carl . I really don’t know why Rick married her in the firs place, that’s another thing fucking Shane days after Rick was thought to be dead , unbelievable , Rick seems to understand but it wasn’t like it was 2 years later it was like a week at the most I think.yea she told Rick Shane needed to go and Rick had to kill Shane , not only not giving him support after he killed his best friend basically because of her shes all dissapointed about it, she really fuxking sucks and I can’t stand her face either with her judging I have to shit looking eyes. I only watched season two cuz I have Netflix definetly not looking forward or waiting on another season, if u read this Lori kill yourself and save the show, 🙂 I feel better

  14. Sharon says:

    Hi y’all. I just finished rewatching season 2, and I didn’t remember how much I hate Lori Grimes, until that last episode. I could not believe she was upset about Shane. Her son saved his father. She should be proud. There is NO WAY Carl wouldn’t end up using a gun. Her son would be eaten if he didn’t. I hope she dies. It would be a shock! But a good one.

    Daryl is my favorite and I’m so excite Merle is back!! They are the best!

  15. stranger says:

    The invective and bile among you people is scary. I never could understand how republicans can get themselves elected to office given their devious natures and elitist agendas, then I read the comments from you people about a character in a television show and I guess I should be happy more phony moralizing assholes from the republican party aren’t elected to office. It’s like you are just full of yellow puss and a tv show brings it forth with ease. it oozes from your every pore. My gawd, calm down. Its the zombie apocolypse and it makes Lori horny and it just so happens Shane really knows how to pull her trigger. Doesn’t make her the devil. Just makes her a flawed human like most of us. Thats right, in your own way, more of you are like Lori in your imperfections then you are like me and Rick. Sorry thats just the way it is.

    • Bullseye says:

      You and your democratic whores can go rot in hell. Are you seriously justifying Lori’s adulterous actions? Lori sleeps with a psychopath Shane who tries to kill her husband and take her forever. You are sick and twisted in the head, you need to be in a mental hospital. Truth hearts uh?

      • traumaturgist says:

        Hrm…I can’t for the life of me figure out how this thread veered toward Democrat vs. Republican / fork vs. spoon / Spy vs. Spyism…but I will say this about Lori: my main problem with her wasn’t the fact that she fucked Shane (I mean, we still need some in the Zombie Apocalypse!)….it was more that she was a whiny, selfish little self-appointed princess who still insisted on traditional human values in a “post-human” civilization. In that sense, she was kinda like a Dale with tits that I’d actually want to fuck (but I’d keep her mouth stuffed with a rag so she couldn’t talk). That was the thing that irked me about the WD…this naive hand-wringing about preserving “humanity” (like we know all about what that is!) under the assumption that the characters risk losing that…when in fact, everything that happens – from the Governor to Lori’s whining to Carl actually becoming tolerable to the C-section and the unlikely decision to keep the child…are thoroughly human.

  16. traumaturgist says:

    @stranger: you should get some ointment for that.

  17. Anonlol says:


    Fuck I hate Lori. One of the most obnoxious, irritable characters in the entire show. A hippo-critical, lying, two timing, emotional train wreck.

  18. traumaturgist says:

    Well everyone, I’ve been dying to write some sort of update on my take on The Walking Dead…sadly, I don’t have time these days. However, for those of you who have seen even the beginning of last season, let me just offer to all of you…



  19. emilouko says:

    i couldn’t agree more!she is so selfish.she doesn’t understand rick.she is useless!she always excepts the others to do the right thing when she can;t even protect her shelf!i just finished season 2.she is mad at rick because he let carl exposed?he wasn’t thinking about that when she was with shane.and it wasn’t rick’s fault that carl got outside but hers.she never watches him.he cheated her husband with his best friend and now she has the nerves to be mad at him?that’s just insulting..i thought my least favourite character was andrea..guess i changed my mind!

  20. sniffa says:

    I was glad that this character was removed from the series, she was an emotional trainwreck with a weird thought process and all she did was to make trouble for the group. At least that was my impression. They could’ve let her survive the birth, but i am pretty sure you were not the only one who didn’t like her. Like you said she was that kind of women who needs a healthy slap every now and then to reprogramm her brain a lil bit.

  21. romero says:

    I’ll admit that I haven’t read the comics, so my comment here might be flawed, but I think the really annoying thing about the Lori Grimes character in the show is that the show’s writers have been completely inconsistent with conveying her personality, motivations and decision-making. The scene where she gets in a car, abandons Carl and heads in to town to look for Rick, Glenn and Hershel was so poorly written it had me cursing the writers for taking yet another dip into the nonsensical, this one so far beyond reason that it really hurt the reputation of the show, which after season 1 had reached such lofty heights. The much-mentioned Lori-hissy-fit in the season finale when Rick tells her about Shane’s death- once again a poorly told scene by the writers/director. If there was supposed to be some emotional turmoil in her head hinted by her previous apology to Shane, it was very, very poorly told in that scene. I don’t mind if the writers lean one way or the other with regards to Lori’s character, but it’s the inconsistency that really kills me.

  22. mike says:

    I’m not getting all the lori bashing…….I’m not.???????????????????????????????????

  23. Broken says:

    .______. I just finished Season 1 of TWD. I just..No. LORI IS THE WORST MOTHER/WIFE EVER. Nonononononnnooooooooo. She starts sleeping with Shane right after Rick’s DEATH? Make it 2 years and I can understand that! But 2 weeks?! YEAHNO. That’s just disturbing & awful. Lori just starts “loving” Shane & forgets about the man that she “loved”!? Let’s not forget her son, Carl. She just lets him wonder the fuck around when she gets it on with Shane? ._. Bitchh. & when Rick comes around, She just pushes Shane away, saying “You told me he was dead! You told me he was dead!” Well. Shane was POSITIVE he was dead, right? But still.. She shouldn’t push him away like that , It makes it seem like she just wanted to get it on .___.

    • traumaturgist says:

      Yeah, Lori seems a little bit self-interested/bipolar/whatever with regard to that whole situation. Call me cynical, but one can only use one’s son as an excuse so many times for being a complete bitch.

      I’ll also go on record as saying that Shane was/would have been the most efficient leader of that group. Not a pleasant walk in the park to deal with, but at least he realized that the world they knew was gone and that, like it or not, it’s adapt or die.

      Being an absolute anti-spoiler fundamentalist rest assured I will give away no details about seasons 2 and 3…but you might be pleasantly surprised in future episodes. 🙂

  24. Hayley Baker says:

    Lol, I fucking hate her. True that.
    I remember when Lori and Shane found out that Rick is still alive, Lori became such a hypocrite and started ignoring Shane, telling him to fuck off, that Carl and her aren’t his responsiblities but than again that incident happened with the knives, he didn’t want her to look like the bad guy which is so sweet of Shane considering the shit that happened between them but than she goes like “What was that? You crushed him.” WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, DIDN’T YOU JUST SAY BACK OFF? LIKE the paradoxes just kill me. Even though I don’t like Shane, I felt bad when he died despite his evil side, but when she died, I felt HAPPY. I’m not even feeling guilty that I do.

  25. emmaline says:

    Lori is a great character who represents a perfectly tenable reality for women in this crazy new world order of TWD. Her husband dies & the world falls apart so she seeks stability and safety for her and her son in Shane, a man she knows and trusts. When her husband turns out not to be dead she goes back to him and keeps her tryst with Shane a secret to protect her relationship with her husband i.e. her family. She’s pissed at Shane because he said Rick was dead when he was not and it was based on that deception that Lori slept with Shane in the first place. Lori turns out to be pregnant and even though she knows it’s Shane’s baby (that’s made really clear in the comics) she insists that it’s her husband’s “no matter what” because she knows if she says the baby belongs to Shane the fabric of their entire family & social group will be thrown into chaos. She is harsh and distant with Shane for this same reason and she is right to be so because when she finally softens and says she’s sorry for how hard things have been for him he goes crazy and tries to kill Rick to win her back. Shane’s storyline includes lying to Lori about Rick being dead & then impregnating her, almost raping Lori at the CDC and then trying to murder Rick who in turn by Season 3 hates Lori for being pregnant with Shane’s baby, an affair she had cut short as soon as learned he was still alive. Lori then dies a horrible, previously preventable death, birthing her child. A perfect summation of the awful potential women would face in a reality like the Walking Dead. Great show, great character.

  26. traumaturgist says:

    Emmaline: I disagree for the following reasons:

    1) Quite simply, you cannot equate the graphic novel story with the AMC series; they have no authority over one another. The TV series might have been derived from the original graphic novel, but that doesn’t mean it has to cleave to the details of the original publication. Therefore, we do not know whose baby it is (and I think it’s left vague on purpose in the TV series). Moreover, when she finally admits to Rick that she had sex with Shane he doesn’t seem to have any problems with the child (although this happens later in the series). I’m also not sure Rick “hates” Lori the way you say he does, although I do think there are ambivalent feelings. After all, it’s HER vision that he talks to and which haunts him at the prison.

    2) I think Shane had every right to assume that Rick was dead – I think you have to prove that Shane was “lying.” In the TV series, Shane is a man of hard realities; of all the group, he is the one most willing to face the “reality on the ground,” as it were. Dale is a symbol of old, tired liberal humanism that has no place in the post-apocalyptic world; he’s a tired old cow (symbolized, perhaps in the diseased cow he sees right before he dies) that’s on the way out.

    3) I think Lori was one of the LEAST adapted in the group. Look how she tries to enforce the typical “women cook and keep to the kitchen while the men do the heavy lifting” at Hershel’s farm when she’s having that argument with Andrea (who, although she’s a naive dolt and irritates me, is the most progressive of all the women there). Right before Sophia is lost on the highway, she voices naive, hand-wringing objections to looting cars: “This is a graveyard…I don’t know how I feel about this.” At the core the TWD is the issue of adapting to a new world order when the old values no longer apply (since, among other things, there are very few humans left to apply them TO); I often consider it a weakness in the writing that the characters tend to be so one-dimensional in this regard. Quite frankly, I can’t help but wonder if the show would have been better quality if it weren’t on such a conservative channel like AMC.

  27. Samantha says:

    Even if RICK WAS DEAD, SHE SHOULD NOT fuck around with SHANE

    • Anvita says:

      Why? Widows remarry all the time, and it’s not much of a moral concern. It’s not adultery. Why does entering a post-apocalyptic world change that?

      Perhaps it could be judged that she moved on a bit too fast, but in season 3, she said she didn’t really move on. She messed around with Shane to “feel something” in the depressing state of reality she was in. It’s not the most rational choice, but it’s a better outlet than cutting or killing herself, I’d say, although I’m sure kind folk on this forum would disagree.

      But really, if adhering to a departed society’s standards of sexual repression is your biggest concern while flesh-eating animated bodies are rife, you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

      • traumaturgist says:

        @Anvita: I completely agree. Human beings are fundamentally irrational (however otherwise capable we may be of rational, reflexive thought), and yeah, that’s a good point – in a world where the old order of things is, well, “dead” (heh), we circle back to the fundamental rule of evolution: adapt or die. Not wanting to kill zombies because “they’re still my mom/dad/brother/sister etc,” which happens in so many bad zombie movies, is not optimal adaptation. Ditto for clinging to mores which belong to “Days Gone Bye.”

  28. Jen says:

    I hated her the minute Andrea and her sister brought back fish to feed the whole camp and she said “eww” (when she got too close to real fish). She did not deserve to survive in this world and I really, really hope rick’s love interest in Alexandria is not another needy, emotionally confused woman. He deserves an equal. We the audience deserves an equal.

    Both Shane and Lori were stereotypes of the worst of men and women which is OK, I guess, but Shane emerged as a clear (and believable) villain. Lori is only mourned. Her BS was never really called out by other characters on the show which never gave her the chance to choose to change or not. It would have been so much more interesting if she had been forced to face a moral crossroads as Shane did, but instead she vacillated until Shane’s end. One of the most uninspiring female characters in popular culture.

  29. Lucie says:

    There are 2 major reasons I hate her. First of all, when Shane was sort of starting to move on, it was all good, but no, that stupid bitch just had to provoke him again saying that the baby might be his, and that she’s so thankful to have him around. The second, is that she got mad at Rick for killing him. Like, you literally said 2 episodes ago, that Shane was dangerous, and needed to be stopped. And he was holding a frickin gun to Rick’s head, it was self defense! I hate her so much, I keep hoping she’ll be bitten by a Walker. Ugh.