the anniversary of 911 – I’m not crying…

Posted: 10th September 2011 by traumaturgist in politics
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Now I know it’s easy for me to say that, although the events of Sept. 11 were indeed horrific, I’m not going to mourn.  People usually assume the wrong reasons for this – that I’m a cynical bastard (ok, well I am that), that I’m a heartless and unfeeling human being, etc….but the fact of the matter is that I refuse to mourn for no other reason than to pay lip service to a historical event.  To do so, for me, would be to somehow make light of the very real suffering and trauma suffered by the people who were directly affected by such events.  It’s also why I don’t wear a poppy on Remembrance Day for example – who am I to say I sympathize?  Who am I to say I “feel with them”?  For me, it’s far better to respect events so far removed from oneself by refusing to mime an uninformed sympathy.

That said….instead of mourning the tragedy of 911, I think it’s better to offer informed critical opinion that ideally every person on this planet should read:

Chomsky: 9/11: Was There An Alternative?

There are other great articles here too, but hey – Chomsky’s the man.  Too bad the Western public at large still isn’t interested in principled critical debate…

  1. patriot says:

    yuour an asshole. if u were american u wouldnt say this because it would deeply affect you. if ppl like you learned to show respect then maybe others would too.

  2. traumaturgist says:

    Please wave your flag elsewhere – come back when you have something resembling a rational approach.