The Origins of Idiocy.

Posted: 30th June 2011 by traumaturgist in Uncategorized

Let’s face it – as a race, we’re idiots.

Let this post be a statement of aims, of inflected cliché and provocations. What I’m going to write here isn’t new; but like all truisms, they need repeating through inflection to keep the message alive.

“Idiot” comes from the Greek word for a private individual – and given the little I know of ancient Greek culture, I’ll guess that means someone so wrapped up in their own affairs they neglect their rights as a citizen of the public sphere.  Isn’t it ironic, then, that so many idiots in our day are so colonized by the pap-smear otherwise known as popular culture that they no longer have a meaningful sense of who they are as private individuals?

I feel I don’t need to go over the obvious examples of sports (if I see one more picture of howling face-painted dolts I shall verily puke out mine eye-sockets) and music (and by this I mean the MTV-MushMusic culture, which I visit occasionally only to find that no, it hasn’t changed)…but it bears repeating.

What is the most interesting about this psychodynamic is not that people allow themselves to be “taken” by the now-clichéd image parade – it’s that mass-mediums (that is, people who bend over and let themselves anally channel popular culture) now actively assume it as a right that can be violated through perceived lack of responsibility on the part of its avatars. Oh shit…the football player or [insert icon here] I need to make me who I am just raped someone or was found with drugs or has otehrwise shown me s/he’s a fucking idiot just like me….what do I do?!?! Accusations fly; lazy parents wring their hands, mortified and anxious they may actually have to do their jobs; said icon repents and the new-feudal noblesse oblige on the part of celebrities, sports heroes, and [insert icon here] is violated, re-asserted…and thereby maintained…

…or is this just a subplot in the drama of capitalism? Does the libidinal flow of capital depend on such stimulatory fluctuations? When we think and reflect on ourselves through such organs, are we really resting our sense of ourselves on these subterranean exchanges of capital?

As with many such things, the problem isn’t finding the answer – it’s asking a better question.

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