fuck summer.

Posted: 30th June 2011 by traumaturgist in Uncategorized

So the other day I was on the UWO campus watching little tour groups of wide-eyed, inspired fresh meat get led around the campus, introduced to the facilities by young cheerleaders of late-capitalist education (an enthusiasm I simply cannot map to). It was a nice day, don’t get me wrong – little white fluffs of….what is it, pollen? floating lazily through the air, this intense shade of green I’ve come to associate with London which blends so nicely with the old buildings on campus….

It suddenly occurred to me that I was part of the community! At long last I was a part of something meritoriously greater than myself, and that my actions in that very moment would help determine the course and future lives of this small group of young people walking down the hill from UC towards me! Quick now….they’re approaching – what should I do???

Of course, I did nothing. In an ideal world, I should have run past them shrieking madly, pulling at my hair and flailing my hands wildly at the airborne white fluffy stuff yelling “AAAHHHH! THE TREES! PLANTS! HAVING SEX WITH EACH OTHER EVERYWHERE! SPORENOGRAPHY!! SOMEONE MAKE IT STOOOOOOPPPPPPP!

Sometimes people just need to be fucked with. If they can’t figure that out, they won’t enjoy their time at university and I’m doing them a favor.